Friday, 19 October 2012

South of France-The Side People Don't See

When people hear I went to "Sud de France" they automatically think I'm loaded to be able to travel to such places. Most of us know Monaco, Nice, Cannes & St. Tropez , once you've reached Marseilles you know you've gone too far but my vacation wasn't to those places it was to the real South of France.
We started our journey from Rhone Alpes at about 6a.m. and arrived by 11a.m. to Vias Plage( we had to wait for our friends to arrive that evening before we could drop off our stuff) midsummer and averaging 35oc fantastic. It was my first camping holiday and I loved it. We saved  so much money just camping and left us with a lot of green to have a crazy holiday or as the french say "profiter bien".
What we did and how we did it :
  • Vias is amazing the beach is fantastic , water is so warm and there are a hell of a lot of companies who rent mini pedal boats 12eu got us one for an hour( an hour peddling is enough for me!) and had such fun actually being able to practise my diving .
  • I like a drink and with all the beachfront bars I could indulge in a few cocktails "bounty bar" I'd reccommend.
  • On the one overcast day we were booked to go jet skiiing . This was an experience to say the least( wore the wrong type of shorts and if anyones been on a jet ski you'll know that your derriere gets a bit of a beating, ouch) for 40mins and two people we paid 70eu which is reasonable.
  • We took a day out and decided to go to Spain , why not eh? The journey took two hours and once we arrived, shopping shopping and more shopping! We ended up buying a ton of alcohol as it was more than reasonably priced . D&G Martini I think I  paid 9euros for that. Although fantastic shops,  I'd be careful a lot of vices can be found on the border so watch your money
  • Cap d'Agde , we ate the most fantastic meal on the sea front beside the yacht's , I felt very bobo then (bourgois-bohemian). Also if you have a bit naturist in you they have a huge naturist village which I think can get as many as 40,000 people coming there in the summer months.
  • The child in me tells me to put europark down here and what can I say they have rollercoasters, water amusements, casinos and a pretty cool bungee jump which gives you a great view of the park from above .
The one significant moment on my trip was an evening with my other-half where we went to the beach quite late, lit only be the moonlight;. It was coming up to our birthdays 6th august and 8th(me:) and I was given a love letter and a beautiful chain which says " tu as vole mon (heart)" So romantic ! The best part is always the unexpected and to our luck just a little further up the coast they began letting off fireworks. Never could I have expected such an amazing and in my opinion 5* holiday as I did "slumming it" :)

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