Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lila Says Film Of My Life

I really want to share with you guys my favourite film "Lila Says" French " Lila dit ça". I found this film in 2007 after becoming a fan of the lead actress and what can I say about the film, it's just  wonderful. .
The story is very quirky without having many theatrics and the scrips is 5 years ahead of 50 Shades of Grey in it's content. I never bore watching the story unfold, parts of the film are like an adventure i'd love to go on. Mohammed Khouas & Vahina Giocante play the roles with ease and have such powerful chemistry together. Its definately a movie to keep, and rewatch, and rewatch and rewatch.

Set in Marseilles, this coming-of-age tale centres on a berautiful and outrageously flirtatious teenage girl, Lila and the poetic but shy boy Chimo on whom she focuses her attentions. Bemused but excited, Chimo is intoxicated by Lila's charms. One day, Lila dares Chimo to look up her skirt - "if he can handle it" - and by doing so, puts into motion a sequence of events that have devastating consequences, laying bare the danger of playing games.

"... it's impossible to take your eyes off Giocante..." New York Times
"As sweet as it is dirty" Washington Post
"An unabashedly erotic cross-cultural love story" Entertainment Weekly

Can't find the trailer with subtitles in but the films available online in English .


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