Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween is here FINALLY

I'm always super excited this time of year Halloween has always and I mean always been my favourite holiday however, here in France it's not really celebrated to my dismay :(. I could not let this go by so I decided I'll organise a little dinner party/soiree this weekend and let our buddies here see how we celebrate across the water.
  • I love the idea of costumes but its a little much for the French so masks would be suitable for the occasion.
  • I have to buy a lot of cider perhaps try some of the new flavours
  • A couple of party games like dunking for apples (my other half found this hilarious when I told him)
  • As for food rustic food like pork , apple sauce, root veggies the lot .
  • Desert of course has to be every kind of sweet or candy you can buy or make , normally I make caramel squares .
  • My friends here usually play poker or tarot so we play on into the night .

Really wish I could decorate like this its Georgeous

Here's a recipie for a shot which for us adults can make it a very merry celebration :)

Apple Pie Shot 2 drink recipe

Apple Pie Shot 2  recipe

Apple Pie Shot 2 drink recipe made with Apple Juice,Cinnamon,Cream,Vodka,. How to make a Apple Pie Shot 2 with all the instructions and ingredients.
Recipe Rating:3.1 stars based on 194 votes
Ingredients to use:
0.75ozApple Juice Apple Juice
1dashCinnamon Cinnamon
1 CreamwhippedCream
0.75ozVodka Vodka
Wet tongue with juice/vodka mix, sprinkle cinnamon on tongue, put shot in mouth, do not swallow. Fill rest of mouth with whipped cream. Swish, swallow.
 Happy Halloween Week-end my Friends

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