Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween is here FINALLY

I'm always super excited this time of year Halloween has always and I mean always been my favourite holiday however, here in France it's not really celebrated to my dismay :(. I could not let this go by so I decided I'll organise a little dinner party/soiree this weekend and let our buddies here see how we celebrate across the water.
  • I love the idea of costumes but its a little much for the French so masks would be suitable for the occasion.
  • I have to buy a lot of cider perhaps try some of the new flavours
  • A couple of party games like dunking for apples (my other half found this hilarious when I told him)
  • As for food rustic food like pork , apple sauce, root veggies the lot .
  • Desert of course has to be every kind of sweet or candy you can buy or make , normally I make caramel squares .
  • My friends here usually play poker or tarot so we play on into the night .

Really wish I could decorate like this its Georgeous

Here's a recipie for a shot which for us adults can make it a very merry celebration :)

Apple Pie Shot 2 drink recipe

Apple Pie Shot 2  recipe

Apple Pie Shot 2 drink recipe made with Apple Juice,Cinnamon,Cream,Vodka,. How to make a Apple Pie Shot 2 with all the instructions and ingredients.
Recipe Rating:3.1 stars based on 194 votes
Ingredients to use:
0.75ozApple Juice Apple Juice
1dashCinnamon Cinnamon
1 CreamwhippedCream
0.75ozVodka Vodka
Wet tongue with juice/vodka mix, sprinkle cinnamon on tongue, put shot in mouth, do not swallow. Fill rest of mouth with whipped cream. Swish, swallow.
 Happy Halloween Week-end my Friends

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Homemade Chanel My Style

This week I've had a little bit of an obsession with Chanel but a couple of days ago I was inspired to create something, I had some clay that I bought and throughout the years I've tried and failed to master pottery, mainly because my heart wasn't in the projects I did but this time I had a huge interest and so I began designing.

Im very proud to show you the almost finished product( still needs a lot more varnishing) I had such fun making this that I'm sure there will be a Gucci mug, Kenzo mug and perhaps I'll try my chances at a Versace plate :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lila Says Film Of My Life

I really want to share with you guys my favourite film "Lila Says" French " Lila dit ça". I found this film in 2007 after becoming a fan of the lead actress and what can I say about the film, it's just  wonderful. .
The story is very quirky without having many theatrics and the scrips is 5 years ahead of 50 Shades of Grey in it's content. I never bore watching the story unfold, parts of the film are like an adventure i'd love to go on. Mohammed Khouas & Vahina Giocante play the roles with ease and have such powerful chemistry together. Its definately a movie to keep, and rewatch, and rewatch and rewatch.

Set in Marseilles, this coming-of-age tale centres on a berautiful and outrageously flirtatious teenage girl, Lila and the poetic but shy boy Chimo on whom she focuses her attentions. Bemused but excited, Chimo is intoxicated by Lila's charms. One day, Lila dares Chimo to look up her skirt - "if he can handle it" - and by doing so, puts into motion a sequence of events that have devastating consequences, laying bare the danger of playing games.

"... it's impossible to take your eyes off Giocante..." New York Times
"As sweet as it is dirty" Washington Post
"An unabashedly erotic cross-cultural love story" Entertainment Weekly

Can't find the trailer with subtitles in but the films available online in English .


Monday, 22 October 2012

Brad Pitt For Chanel Not For Me

I've only just seen the advertisement for Chanel No.5 with Brad Pitt and I have to say he's tainted the brand for me a little. Chanel is a fashion and beauty house that's really stood the test of time it all commenced with Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, a woman who always fascinated me. Through some research and general fascination I found her to be a strong and pretty controversial woman. Her vision was to change how women wore clothes. She tailored for women and maybe I'm just old-fashioned but as a guy of course there were times I wished Chanel was more masculine but loved the fact it's a loyal brand to women. With Brad Pitt as the face of something that to me is the absolute scent of a woman is a bit too mixed for my liking.

The Faces throughout the years who represented Chanel No.5

Sorry but it's really not for me, don't get me wrong Brad Pitt is a good actor but that's what he is. Chanel has always had the "Captivating Beauty" of the time front this campaign and that's how I see it but such a change as a man front No.5 is just bizarre .
Advice to Chanel, Vahina Giocante would have won me over in this campaign, ditch the man keep traditions as they are .

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Gucci Me YSL Lui

Today we're both sporting fishbone style jackets  but with temperatures 20oc plus I don't think we need them. My other half has teamed his with a well fitting YSL T-shirt & Lee Jeans. Me it's a day for Gucci, Ray.Ban's & Wrangler.

Aujourd'hui, tous les deux ont portaient des veste de style fishbone,mais avec 20 degres
il y en avait pas besoin . Mon autre moitie portait un tee-shirt Yves Saint Laurent un jean Lee moi une chemise Gucci avec des lunette Ray.Ban & un jean s' Wrangler.


Jacket- River Island,
Shirt- Gucci,
Jeans- Wrangler
Shoes- H&M


Move over Cannes, Beaurepaire is Where the Festival's At!

This week my humble little town Beaurepaire hosted a very established film festival. This is the 24th year of its running. Both French and International cinema have been very well represented and those both in front and behind the camera have made appearances over the week to celebrate and release their films. This weekend we have seen actress Sandrine Bonnaire turn her hand to directing, presenting her debut film "J'enrage de son absence" as well as legendary actor Daniel Prevost attending the festival .

Ce weekend dans ma modeste petite ville de Beaurepaire a eu lieu le 24eme festival du cinema,ou Sandrine Bonnaire "actrice " etait la pour presenter sont premier film en tant que realisatrice "J'enrage de son absence"d'autre acteur comme daniel PREVOST etait present

Actress Sandrine Bonnaire has turned her hand to directing in the film "J'enrage de son absence" Actrice Sandrine Bonnaire a tourné sa main à diriger dans le film "J'enrage de son absence"

Actor Daniel Prevost. Acteur Daniel Prevost.

A selection of the films shown over the weekend. Une sélection des films présentés au cours du week-end.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Vladislav Aksenov-Collection Boldness-Владислав Аксенов

This is a collection I just found and am really liking a little tribal but I see all the colours I'm looking for this season . Check out his site for more collections he also does lines for women.
Это коллекция Я только что узнал, и я действительно нравится немного племени, но я вижу все цвета я ищу в этом сезоне. Проверить свой сайт за дополнительной коллекциях он так же делает линии для женщин.

Новая коллекция вдохновлена атмосферой лондонского клуба, и образ современного мужчины здесь создан из четырех условных «направлений»: классический, гранж, мягкий спортивный и бельевой. Это спокойная, хотя и по-прежнему с подчеркнутым свободолюбивым духом одежда. Цвета здесь соответствующие – преобладают приглушенные терракотовый, молочный, серый и зеленый; минимальные вкрапления ярких пятен создают должный эффект изысканности.
Энергетическую силу одежды выражает отделка в виде натурального янтаря и жемчуга. Также используются стеклярус, кожа, мех, камни, кружева, аппликации и цепи. Из аксессуаров – шапки ручной вязки, рукавицы, мужские корсеты, меховые шарфы и гетры, и впервые представленные под маркой кожаные и замшевые сумки. В коллекции вновь мужские юбки – мощный элемент мужественного, но свободного образа от Владислава Аксенова.

The new collection Boldness was inspired by London club atmosphere.
Image of modern men are created with help of four conditional "directions": classic, grunge, sports and underwear.
The new collection is very calm, but with a spirit of freedom. The main colors of the collection are terracotta, milk, white and green. Clothing gets its energy from natural amber and pearls, which are used in the finishing. There are also glass beads, leather, fur, stones, lace, applique and chain in collection. The accessories are hand-knitted hats, gloves, men's corsets, fur scarves and socks, leather and suede bags.
Designer again presented the men's skirts, which are powerful masculine element of free image of Vladislav Aksenov.

MFW-Moscow Fashion Week-Von Vonni

So I'm just looking at photos from the Von Vonni show and I'm so so impressed. He has in my opinion successfully brought back tie-dye(well similar with his prints) to FASHION and staying with 90s I'm in favour of the satin fabrics he's using very elegant dresses , Pale pinks are high on the agenda aswell and expect to see a lot of V.V. maxi's in the coming year.

 ( Here is one of my favourite singers Victoria Daineko sporting a Von Vonni dress at a concert in Bejing last week)

Friday, 19 October 2012

South of France-The Side People Don't See

When people hear I went to "Sud de France" they automatically think I'm loaded to be able to travel to such places. Most of us know Monaco, Nice, Cannes & St. Tropez , once you've reached Marseilles you know you've gone too far but my vacation wasn't to those places it was to the real South of France.
We started our journey from Rhone Alpes at about 6a.m. and arrived by 11a.m. to Vias Plage( we had to wait for our friends to arrive that evening before we could drop off our stuff) midsummer and averaging 35oc fantastic. It was my first camping holiday and I loved it. We saved  so much money just camping and left us with a lot of green to have a crazy holiday or as the french say "profiter bien".
What we did and how we did it :
  • Vias is amazing the beach is fantastic , water is so warm and there are a hell of a lot of companies who rent mini pedal boats 12eu got us one for an hour( an hour peddling is enough for me!) and had such fun actually being able to practise my diving .
  • I like a drink and with all the beachfront bars I could indulge in a few cocktails "bounty bar" I'd reccommend.
  • On the one overcast day we were booked to go jet skiiing . This was an experience to say the least( wore the wrong type of shorts and if anyones been on a jet ski you'll know that your derriere gets a bit of a beating, ouch) for 40mins and two people we paid 70eu which is reasonable.
  • We took a day out and decided to go to Spain , why not eh? The journey took two hours and once we arrived, shopping shopping and more shopping! We ended up buying a ton of alcohol as it was more than reasonably priced . D&G Martini I think I  paid 9euros for that. Although fantastic shops,  I'd be careful a lot of vices can be found on the border so watch your money
  • Cap d'Agde , we ate the most fantastic meal on the sea front beside the yacht's , I felt very bobo then (bourgois-bohemian). Also if you have a bit naturist in you they have a huge naturist village which I think can get as many as 40,000 people coming there in the summer months.
  • The child in me tells me to put europark down here and what can I say they have rollercoasters, water amusements, casinos and a pretty cool bungee jump which gives you a great view of the park from above .
The one significant moment on my trip was an evening with my other-half where we went to the beach quite late, lit only be the moonlight;. It was coming up to our birthdays 6th august and 8th(me:) and I was given a love letter and a beautiful chain which says " tu as vole mon (heart)" So romantic ! The best part is always the unexpected and to our luck just a little further up the coast they began letting off fireworks. Never could I have expected such an amazing and in my opinion 5* holiday as I did "slumming it" :)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Spring-Summer 2013, Bottega Veneta

Is it just me or doesanybody else see a Native American/Pilgrim theme here. Either way I love the loose fit, neutral colours and the layering .

                                                     MEN’S SPRING-SUMMER 2013

For Spring-Summer 2013, Bottega Veneta offers a collection inspired by the ease and informality of the pullover.

The near-universal garment — a top that is pulled on over the head — recalls clothing as varied as navy seaman’s uniforms and South Asian kurtas. At Bottega Veneta, it’s casual and lightweight, with a breezy, retro sensibility. Narrow, cropped pants worn with pullover shirts and t-shirts have the effortless feel of sportswear. The slim, natural-looking silhouette is enhanced by nuanced tailoring and offhand layering.

Natural leather hues ground a palette filled with tempered shades of blue and gray. Breezy, luxe materials are drawn from unexpected sources. Refined fabrics from women’s wear — silk chiffon, organza, silk poplin, silk crepe de chine, and parachute silk — are washed and treated, frequently paired with cotton, then used for shirts, windbreakers, anoraks, and jackets. Technical materials like ultrafine polyesters and dense synthetics with body and a supple hand add structure to slacks and shirts. There are cottons of varying weights, including fluid cotton jersey and cotton blended with linen.

Suedes range in weight and feel from superfine suede, with a liquid drape, to a heavier version with a dense, plush attitude. Wrinkled paper calfskin is distinguished by its rich surface and shine.
Functionality and an uncontrived approach to luxurious materials characterize the season’s accessories. Bags are soft, slouchy, and understated, many with long straps so they can be slung across the body. Shoes are ankle-high, with apliable construction, minimal sole, and the relaxed energy of ‘70s athletic shoes.
“The collection is inspired by this very simple shape, a top that you pull over your head,” says Creative Director

Tomas Maier. “It’s a piece that you find in traditional and contemporary cultures all over the world. And it’s worn by people

doing so many different kinds of activities. Soldiers, sailors, fishermen, mountain climbers, they all wear a version of a

tunic or pullover. We wanted to explore how it can work in contemporary wardrobes.”

Visit The Site

Stilyagi-Les influences

Max Barskih/Макс Барских
Max Barskih is a Ukrainian singer who's a little out there and punk-ish but has made an impact on my wardrobe. Collections I'd recommend to get his look would be Vivienne Westwood, D-Squared, River Island, I would even try some of John Rocha's collections of past and as always vintage is great. You could also keep it current with some of  J.W. Anderson’s AW12 Menswear collection .

(With actress Vahina Giocante)

(With Uffie&Karl Lagerfeld)
Ora-ïto is a French designer who has worked with Swatch, Swatch, appliance manufacturer Gorenje, brewer Heineken and tobacconist/fragrance chemist Davidoff. He's a little different from Max but this guy is just effortlessly cool and his look is classic. For a guy my age I would interpret Diesel, D&G, Acne, The Kooples & Hugo Boss into my wardrobe. For more formalwear  Armani, Alexander McQueen or Burberry AW2012 for more recent trends. Or if budgeting United Colors Of Benetton & Como have some really great suits . Personally I check online for the best deals around and a site most French people will know is fantastic for Kenzo and T.Mugler pieces.