Thursday, 30 August 2012

English and my opinion

So I've had a crazy few days , sorting out my "carte de sejour" here in france , orginizing all my classes , I'll be tutoring english and would you believe it I'm the only person in my petite vielle who teaches english . I have to admire the french for one thing , they live so close and are practically connected to the U.K. and not far from Ireland yet speaking english doesn't seem to important to them , they honnestly don't know how much of a lucky escape they got! Don't get me wrong it's my first language and I like the ability to speak with people from all corners of the globe but of all nations and their languages english speakers tend to be a lot lazier , we tend to shorten even the smallest texts for convieniance and how many of us know how to conjugate verbs or understand simple grammer.
Personally I've been incredibly lucky that I've had many different languages in my household growing up and people who taught me how to speak clearly and correctly but an expat friend of mine in Ireland put it to me very simple one day he said to me "here they speak english but , I mustn't be speaking it properly, I know yes is yes and no is no but why here do they say yah and nah"
I suppose my point i'm trying to make here is why is it others make language seem so poetic and we just try and shorten it down .

Monday, 20 August 2012

D&G Autumn/Winter

D&G Autumn/Winter 2012 have me very excited about some clothes I've bought over the last year I'm all for label and highstreet and just browsing through their collection I've found a match made in heaven. H&M my favourite high street store last winter had a collection which I invested heavily in ( could not stop buying, it's an addiction!) with a very similar style lots of amber, gold, orange and rustic colours , with that they also had very deep blue denims which together had me hooked.
I'm fortunate that these colours work really well with my complexion and shape. After seeing this collection I know (as does my credit card) that I'll be occupying the stores very soon.

Here's a link to the Autumn/Winter collection enjoy

Vienne Beaute et Bourgois

So today I'm in Vienne such a beautiful town and very expensive I got to sort out my phone plan here in France so expect more photos tweets and news.
I don't know why but today I feel very bourgois, I dressed up to come in today but perhaps its the beautiful roman temple and the historic buildings that surround it in my view. The town is completely magical to me. At the point of writing this it's 8:45 a.m. and you wouldnt believe the tranquility and peace here.
I'm terribly excited to go to the museums and visit the art shops, get to know the locals and for all those fashionistas we have Versace, D&G, Armani, Diesel and Hugo Boss here ( just some of my favourites!!!)
It's a fantastic day thats only just beginning.......
I reccomend this restaurant for any person coming here absolument délicieux :)

Monday, 13 August 2012

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise feat. Sean Paul - Version Française (Singl...

Digging this song right now

Vacance photos

My photo's from Cote D'Azur & Espagne

Ma Poésie

So I do really like to write poetry , it's always been a way to break a chain of too much happiness excitement anger or sadness and to compress my emotions and ground me so I though why not publish a poem or two here.
A year ago I lost someone very close to me and without this form of expression I probably would have went crazy so this is a poem dedicated to him.

A short description

Of the wonders of you

Care to remind us

How great you were

Do they know how we played?

Can they speak the words that were said?

My confidant, my rock

You grew to be

A trooper in my army

You left me a magnificent legacy

Both worthless and priceless

A friendship extended beyond mortality

I miss our times

But in reality

You didn’t leave me for long, did you ?

And on a lighter note a poem that makes me laugh now but I wrote it when times were just crazy , I found a very soothing artist to listen to and her music was very thereputic. this poem was inspired by Carla Bruni's Quel'qu'un m'a dit , whats very odd is that at the time I had no affiliation with france and then i believe it was three weeks later I met my other half, a french guy . Fate is funny like that I supposed....

I have a moment of sincere pleasure
With the sound of a simple guitar and a complex woman
I feel windows opening
And a inner mountain ascending
‘’les joies  de vie ‘’
The words melancholic
But the sound so pure
Language is inadequate
And the melody’s a dream
Resonating till my spirit set free

the others

Some sketches

Some of mine and my other half work

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Un Jour Tranquil

Hello le monde,
Alors today i'm having a very relaxed and creative day some writing , photography, sketching and a good movie to round it off :) My other half is too energetic for me on this relaxing day so i've left him with american dad to occupy him while I write this , distractions :)
Ive just discovered there's a wonderful art scene in Vienne my local town which has me very excited. It's a great way to meet local talented artists , I mean this is france after all. so i'll finish my few little sketches and post them here later

a toute a l'heure

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hello to all, today is my birthday and i woke up to a huge list of things to do today :( got my mood right down ! i did get my annual bday card from yandex email which has me happy .
Here in france they celebrate not only differently but not at all thats not how i did things in either Russia or Ireland we celebrate age with close friends, great homemade food, vodka, deserts and of course sovetskiy shampankoye ( so nostalgic for moi) we sing dance and talk about the good old times .
i'm really missing all that today , don't get me wrong i love it here in france its a wonderful country but today is really a day for me to spend with family and friends and for once skype just does not suffice....

I'll leave you with a few photos of my favourite birthday things to do so maybe you can plan something for someone special the way it should be spent