Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Day I Discoved Lyon... Again

The sun has finally arrived in my little town and Mr phone tells me the weather will improve day by day :)
Last weekend I spent a very overcast day in Lyon and I must say it was fantastic !!!
We arrived and found a place to
park on the quay between a Bentley & Mercedes very bourgeois,
At Part Dieu we decided to travel with our lunch and went to the beautiful Woko restaurant, the food was rapidly at our table and my reluctant to try new things partner loved his dish. 

After being very well nourished we had a browse around the adjoining shopping centre Confluence ( ) this place amazed my little mind France is known for its boutiques and very individual buildings but rather this shopping centre takes France into the 21 siecle . Apple, H&M , Hugo Boss, Fnac all under one roof as well as too many others to name. Now I like good quality but also good value and both of which you'll find in this gem in Lyons business district big cities in France often incur big prices but,not putting down my local Vienne I would get a big bang for my buck Confluence compared to other places.

As somebody who likes a little bobo( Bourgeois-Bohemian) in my life we ventured across the pont to the very expensive district just to be there, as you do and to marvel at the shops like Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Kenzo very easy on the eye but not on the budget!
We finished the day by strolling along the quays back to our car where a beautiful barge style restaurant was welcoming customers aboard. Lyon has quite a few nice modern surprising gem which one can find each and every time you visit the city.

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  1. J'adore Lyon c'est la ville que je prefer la plus