Monday, 15 April 2013

Find Your Version Of A Happy Pill And TAKE IT!

The sun is powerful friend to have because she always sheds light on situations (pun very much intended). Friday I had what the French would call "péter un câble" I went crazy, solitude is a bitch!! alors Lyon again was calling my name. We went to Lyon and took in all that was there for me that simply means Cafe-ing it just relaxing listening to the latest crazes the locals are following. That alone was my version of popping a 'happy pill' & It worked!!

Sunday was a day for romance and profiting with the sun, Dams Solly and I went to a beautiful lake with a picnic in tow later I've learned that's his version of a 'happy pill' such tranquillity but also a day away took any depressing thoughts I had & let them go. I do believe in change of the norms and to not become introverted, guarding loneliness inside we all feel it sometimes and others more, is a real demise and nobody needs to feel that way so find your 'joie de vie' and take it for all its worth be it in a noisy cafe or by a quiet lake. 


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