Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Retired and Rehired

I've spent a long long time away from my blog because I really lost heart for it for a while. This was a chance to meet others learn new cultures fashions food anything and for a while I spent waiting and waiting but now I've resurrected the old fella and will start the write a few more posts.

Since we last spoke a new member has joined the madhouse and her name is Solly-Terre Bonnet Tsarkov, a beautiful dog who my other half rescued the day of our anniversary (honestly i would have settled for flowers but hey she's family now). Lots of work has been started and finished chez moi the house is becoming more and more homely. I've been painting and sketching much more and surprisingly improving which is wonderful. Also trying to adapt to a 'carpe diem' lifestyle , I cant understand youth and Y.O.L.O. keep the latin it's more refined.

Anyways I'll start preparing some post for you because lots can happen in a few months and this sets to be the year of my life.

P.S. I'll upload a few photos of my last few months in the next post.


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