Saturday, 3 November 2012

Time for Rememberance

Today I'm going to be a little serious and show you a poem I just wrote about a very important event that occurred a relatively short time ago.

You never saw it coming, little Sasha.
Oh the games you played in Pripyat.
The silence of the day,
you left and never returned.
тиха тиха , мама (quiet, quiet mama)
все равно, не плачь(still, don't cry)
I will take care of you.
The cries didn't last long.
They were erradicated.
One by one the army fell,
the world looked on in fear.
But you little Sasha,
did not grow very tall,
did not venture very far.
Your life was taken from you, so harshly.
I dream only that you have become a shining star.

It's hard to think of Chernobyl and the damage it caused but at the same time we should never forget the brave who stayed to help and the brave who still remain there.

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