Monday, 13 August 2012

Ma Poésie

So I do really like to write poetry , it's always been a way to break a chain of too much happiness excitement anger or sadness and to compress my emotions and ground me so I though why not publish a poem or two here.
A year ago I lost someone very close to me and without this form of expression I probably would have went crazy so this is a poem dedicated to him.

A short description

Of the wonders of you

Care to remind us

How great you were

Do they know how we played?

Can they speak the words that were said?

My confidant, my rock

You grew to be

A trooper in my army

You left me a magnificent legacy

Both worthless and priceless

A friendship extended beyond mortality

I miss our times

But in reality

You didn’t leave me for long, did you ?

And on a lighter note a poem that makes me laugh now but I wrote it when times were just crazy , I found a very soothing artist to listen to and her music was very thereputic. this poem was inspired by Carla Bruni's Quel'qu'un m'a dit , whats very odd is that at the time I had no affiliation with france and then i believe it was three weeks later I met my other half, a french guy . Fate is funny like that I supposed....

I have a moment of sincere pleasure
With the sound of a simple guitar and a complex woman
I feel windows opening
And a inner mountain ascending
‘’les joies  de vie ‘’
The words melancholic
But the sound so pure
Language is inadequate
And the melody’s a dream
Resonating till my spirit set free

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