Thursday, 30 August 2012

English and my opinion

So I've had a crazy few days , sorting out my "carte de sejour" here in france , orginizing all my classes , I'll be tutoring english and would you believe it I'm the only person in my petite vielle who teaches english . I have to admire the french for one thing , they live so close and are practically connected to the U.K. and not far from Ireland yet speaking english doesn't seem to important to them , they honnestly don't know how much of a lucky escape they got! Don't get me wrong it's my first language and I like the ability to speak with people from all corners of the globe but of all nations and their languages english speakers tend to be a lot lazier , we tend to shorten even the smallest texts for convieniance and how many of us know how to conjugate verbs or understand simple grammer.
Personally I've been incredibly lucky that I've had many different languages in my household growing up and people who taught me how to speak clearly and correctly but an expat friend of mine in Ireland put it to me very simple one day he said to me "here they speak english but , I mustn't be speaking it properly, I know yes is yes and no is no but why here do they say yah and nah"
I suppose my point i'm trying to make here is why is it others make language seem so poetic and we just try and shorten it down .

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