Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pride Dublin (Que je manque)

Mes Amies
Today is pride in Dublin and all i'm hearing is how everyone is gonna get so so hammered tonight. Honestly is that was pride is about really?  I enjoy celebrating with a few drinks don't get me wrong but not to be out of mind drunk  so message to all soon to be hungover peoples don't say i didn't warn you!!!

Aujourd'hui i'm preparing myself for a wonderful dinner with my new copaines followed by a night at the "boit de nuit" and i'll be taking my own advice. This is our song to get into the party mood and it's working a treat .Got my Gucci ironed , 2 cans of Guinness( Dimi's idea) and my phone charged and ready to snap :)
Avoir une bonne journée à Tous

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