Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ma vie Aujourd'hui

So here I am today in mon copains house, I’ve decided to start a bit of log to basically keep my occupied. I’m over in France which I’ve fallen madly in love with but, not quite confident enough to shout that from the rooftops. I’m learning the language pretty easily. M. D (boyfriend) has no English or at least not enough to make conversation I suppose for me I love the challenge it gives me purpose. At the moment of writing this I have no internet L and my phones kaput so no facebook twitter Youtube or anything like that! It’s the story of the wench in 21eme siècle.

I’m loving the culture here honestly I’ve never eaten healthier but, also I’ve never smoked so much!! The town I’m in is about the same size as the town I lived in, in Ireland only I gots nothing to do at this moment here. Ce soir the internet will be back up and working and I’m literally counting the seconds   .

A plus tous


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